The First Roma Arte

Via del Vantaggio 14 
Rome,  00186


A matchless 360 degrees “made in Italy” experience, Acquolina means culture, art, creativity and top-level cuisine. Following this vision, Acquolina, the only Roman seafood restaurant awarded with a Michelin star, features an air-conditioned impressive glass cellar, warm lights, and an elegant contemporary mise-en-place. Starred Chef Alessandro Narducci proposes seafood gourmet dishes with a touch of color, in a sophisticated environment surrounded by original artworks, paintings and sculptures. The menu, dynamic and seasonal, aims to offer flavor, consistency and dish recognition entrenched with a passion for innovation. “The footprint remains seafaring – explains Alessandro Narducci. We offer great raw platters, delicate fried fish dishes, always adding something innovative and different, starting from the menu. Forget the classical definition of starters, first and main courses: there are simply elements to taste in the order and in the ways one wants. Perhaps, starting with the most intense flavor, toning it down to the most delicate one, or passing from a dish with a hot sauce to a raw fish platter: each dish has its own autonomy.” Acquolina opens Monday through Saturday from 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


Located on the spectacular terrace on the top floor of The First Roma with breathtaking views of Rome, AcquaRoof is probably one of most scenic and exclusive venues of the Eternal city. Managed by Chef Alessandro Narducci, AcquaRoof is the quintessence of Acquolina, a relaxed space in which to enjoy and savor drinks before and after dinner in comfortable sitting areas. An informal venue to enjoy a light dinner where one can almost reach out and touch the stars with its own hands while admiring a striking and unforgettable view of one of the most magical cities in the world. Among the innovative proposals of AcquaRoof, the original “Goccia” (Drop) offer, a name that reveals a range of dishes to be savored in a bite or two. “Goccia” is the restaurant’s brand that safeguards freshness and fragrance of its culinary proposals. The menu is eco-friendly, a flagship of food safety and genuineness: AcquaRoof's menu proposes a variety of traditional and savory dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine, “Tomato and Basil Tagliolini” (egg base noodles), “Butter and Parmesan”, or “Pesto” dishes, just to give a few examples. The menu from the grill is just as rich in choice with an assortment of seemingly simple dishes that conceal highly complicated techniques. The wine list includes approximately 60 labels (8/9 sold by the glass). Cocktails and spirits are curated by Luca Moroni, the bar Manager. AcquaRoof opens daily at 6.00 p.m. for cocktails and remains open for after dinner drinks (weather permitting)